Finmo Values

At Finmo, we don’t believe in hierarchies or titles, but in having the context. By context we mean, company strategy, metrics, assumptions, objectives and role clarity. We appreciate transparency in decisions as well as encourage our people to take thoughtful risks.

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We believe one does not have to be a people manager to be a leader.

There is leadership in whatever role you are in and it’s only about how you act and be empathetic towards your work, colleagues and customers.


What holds us together?


Stay candid and honest. We care sincerely about each other and our work.


Simply put, getting things done is all that matters.


Learning should never stop. We always look for curious minds around who don’t settle for less. We like being logical and love data backed decision-making.

Customer Advocacy & Excellence

We are customer centric in everything we do. We love problem solving & we aim for a balance between “perfect” and “done”.


Effective communication & being goal oriented is key.

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