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Finmo provides tools, APIs and data to help you embed a payment solution within your entire suite of products. We offer a variety of options for you to choose from depending on whether you want minimalistic integration or maximum to take advantage of owning the UX completely.

Embed payment acceptance within your invoicing or billing platforms

Whether you are an ERP platform or an airline booking engine, you can embed a feature rich payments solution using our simple API solution.


For large ticket payments, embark on the dynamic virtual account solution that removes the overhead of manual reconciliations and operational costs.

Simply add a QR or an account number in the invoice and send it to your buyers. Once the buyer makes the payment, you will receive an instant notification via webhook from us.


Minimise regulatory & compliance overhead

Payment and payout regulations are constantly changing and vary by country. That’s why Finmo helps with PCI compliance, KYC checks, and enables platforms to leverage our money transmission licences around the world.

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