Move money seamlessly around theĀ globe

Traditionally, disbursing funds globally has been very complicated requiring multiple partnerships, integrations and support from banks and payment partners. This has resulted in multiple disparate systems and processes to manage.

Our cloud based platform provides a simplified payout solution to pay your employees, contractors or suppliers in locally preferred currencies wherever they are.

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Collecting beneficiary account details should be simple & secure

Simply add your beneficiary phone number or email address and we will send them a link to add their details. The Finmo platform will store the details in a secured vault and give you an alias to use to send payments.


Multiple ways to integrate

Direct API
Deep integration with our secure APIs that offer better product & customer experience. Simply use our APIs to capture beneficiary account details and perform Payouts.
Hosted Beneficiary Capture
Finmo hosted beneficiary page will simply capture your beneficiary details via a form hosted by us and we give you an alias to use. You can use the alias in the Payout API or via the Finmo Dashboard.
No Code Solutions
Use Finmo Dashboard to perform payouts to your beneficiaries. The platform can also notify you if the balance in your Payout account goes below a certain threshold.


Built in risk & compliance platform
Regulation and compliance is seamlessly managed by Finmo. Finmo has built a real-time risk & compliance engine which manages payment compliance and risk mitigation including screening payouts against global sanctions lists.
Realtime notifications
Finmo provides notifications at all stages of a payout transaction providing more transparency to the sender party on delivery of the funds.
FX rates
Transparent FX rates built into the payout engine that allows you to know beforehand how much the beneficiary would receive and how much will be deducted from your account.
Achieve global scale from a single integration
Make money move, anywhere you want. No additional integration needed. So you can expand into new countries to drive growth and navigate market nuances with our deep local expertise.

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