Holistic payment acceptance solutions to help you scale faster globally

Our unified checkout solution allows your consumers to utilize the most relevant & easy to use payment methods suiting both B2C and B2B type use-cases.

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We aim to simplify experiences, increase conversion rates and lower dropoffs

Finmo’s one click solution aims to simplify the consumer buying experiences wherever possible by offering them a “one click” checkout options so they don’t need to fill out lengthy forms.


Run promotions

Attract more buyers with our in-built voucher acceptance at checkout

Now you can offer seasonal pricing or promotions to your buyers at checkout. Simply setup voucher codes & applicable discounts via the Finmo Dashboard and duration they are applicable for. Buyers will be able to access the discounts at Checkout instantly without you managing it at your end.

Developer Platform

Swiftly build production-ready integrations with modern tools such as React components or real-time webhooks. Using Finmo’s developer platform means more focus on customer and product experiences. With a tightly coupled API integration, merchants can scale to newer geographies with just one integration.

  • 24x7 Sandbox environment
  • Sample codes & examples
  • Webhooks
  • Metadata support
  • Idempotency support
  • API versioning
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Multiple ways to integrate

Direct API
Deep integration with our secure APIs that offer better product & customer experience. Customers do not have to redirect multiple times to complete the payments.
Hosted Checkout
Minimal integration efforts to quickly start collecting payments from your buyers globally using hyperlocal payment methods. Funds will be settled to you either in local currency to your local bank account or in one of the supported settlement currencies.
No Code Solutions
Simply create Payment links using the Finmo Dashboard and share with your customers. The link can be set up with an expiration time if required.
Embedded Checkout
Use our Embedded Checkout solution to embed our hosted page within your checkout experience as an iframe.

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